(crime of) adultery 意味

  • (crime of) adultery
  • (the crime of) adultery:    (the crime of) adultery姦通罪かんつうざい
  • adultery:    adultery n. 姦通, 不義, 不貞.【動詞+】commit adultery姦通するcondemn sb's adultery人の不貞を非難するModern society sometimes condones adultery.現代社会はときに姦通を容認するShe forgave him his adultery.彼の不貞を許した.【形容詞 名詞+】discreet adulter
  • commit adultery:    不倫{ふりん}する、不義{ふぎ}を犯す、姦淫{かんいん}する


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