(even) under normal circumstances 意味



  1. "(ethyl) alcohol" 意味
  2. "(euph.) free-loader" 意味
  3. "(euroasian) badger (meles meles) (sometimes called a raccoon)" 意味
  4. "(european) truffle" 意味
  5. "(european) wildcat" 意味
  6. "(evening) twilight" 意味
  7. "(every) now and then" 意味
  8. "(every) once in a while" 意味
  9. "(exaggerated) professing to be" 意味
  10. "(european) truffle" 意味
  11. "(european) wildcat" 意味
  12. "(evening) twilight" 意味
  13. "(every) now and then" 意味

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