(groove) shoulder 意味

  • (groove) shoulder
    (溝の)肩[機械]〈96確B0104:転がり軸受用語〉; 肩[機械]〈96確B0104:転がり軸受用語〉
  • shoulder of raceway groove:    shoulder of raceway groove溝の肩[機械]
  • groove:    groove n. 溝; 常道, 慣例.【動詞+】cut a groove in a length of woodある長さの木材に溝を彫るscratch a grooveひっかいて線の跡をつける.【形容詞 名詞+】The boy has cut out a deep groove in the wood with a knife.少年はナイフで木に深い溝を掘ったWe cannot easily
  • groove it:    〈俗〉楽しむ


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