(in noh) musician 意味



  1. "(in japanese history, a reference to) farmers who abandoned their fields and fled to the cities or other districts to evade onerous taxes" 意味
  2. "(in linguistics) an isogloss" 意味
  3. "(in logic) the object" 意味
  4. "(in mathematics) a development" 意味
  5. "(in mathematics) elimination" 意味
  6. "(in one's) possession" 意味
  7. "(in philosophy) mechanism" 意味
  8. "(in philosophy) thesis-antithesis-synthesis" 意味
  9. "(in phonetics) an unvoiced sound" 意味
  10. "(in preliberation china) a store operated by a foreigner" 意味
  11. "(in mathematics) a development" 意味
  12. "(in mathematics) elimination" 意味
  13. "(in one's) possession" 意味
  14. "(in philosophy) mechanism" 意味

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