(in philosophy) mechanism 意味



  1. "(in logic) the object" 意味
  2. "(in mathematics) a development" 意味
  3. "(in mathematics) elimination" 意味
  4. "(in noh) musician" 意味
  5. "(in one's) possession" 意味
  6. "(in philosophy) thesis-antithesis-synthesis" 意味
  7. "(in phonetics) an unvoiced sound" 意味
  8. "(in preliberation china) a store operated by a foreigner" 意味
  9. "(in printing) distribution of type" 意味
  10. "(in shogi, chess etc.) a move" 意味
  11. "(in noh) musician" 意味
  12. "(in one's) possession" 意味
  13. "(in philosophy) thesis-antithesis-synthesis" 意味
  14. "(in phonetics) an unvoiced sound" 意味

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