(lacquered) teacup saucer 意味

  • (lacquered) teacup saucer
  • saucer for a teacup:    茶托{ちゃたく}
  • teacup:    teacup n. 茶わん, ティーカップ.【動詞+】drain one's teacup茶わん(の中味)をぐいと飲み干す.【前置詞+】There was a storm in a teacup among the staff at the recent meeting.最近の会合ではスタッフの間に内輪もめがあったgossip over the teacupsお茶を飲みながら雑談する.
  • saucer:    saucer n. 受け皿.【形容詞 名詞+】a flying saucer空飛ぶ円盤.【前置詞+】I spilled some tea into the saucer.紅茶を受け皿に少しこぼしたThe tea spilled over into the saucer.紅茶が受け皿にこぼれでたplace a cup on a saucerカップを受け皿に置くserve…on a saucer…


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