(lit) 8 faces and 6 arms 意味



  1. "(line of) regents and advisers" 意味
  2. "(lineup of authors engaged in a) war of words" 意味
  3. "(linguistic) blending or contamination" 意味
  4. "(linguistic) corruption" 意味
  5. "(liquid) nasal mucus" 意味
  6. "(lit) branches and leaves" 意味
  7. "(lit) present location" 意味
  8. "(literal sense of) seizing" 意味
  9. "(literary) contributor" 意味
  10. "(linguistic) corruption" 意味
  11. "(liquid) nasal mucus" 意味
  12. "(lit) branches and leaves" 意味
  13. "(lit) present location" 意味

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