(moral) backbone 意味

  • (moral) backbone
  • backbone:    backbone n. 背骨.【動詞+】industries that form the backbone of the local economy地元経済の根幹をなす産業The experience gave him backbone.その経験によって筋金が入ったHe didn't have the backbone to stand up for me.私を助けてくれるだけの気骨はなかった
  • to the backbone:    〈話〉骨の髄まで、徹底的{てってい てき}に
  • with backbone:    気骨{きこつ}のあるI thought there were people with backbone at this section. この部門{ぶもん}にも気骨{きこつ}のある人間{にんげん}はいると思っていた。


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