(respectful term for a) bride 意味

  • (respectful term for a) bride
  • (respectful term for) another's image:    (respectful term for) another's image御影ご影ごえい
  • respectful:    respectful adj. 敬意を表わす, 尊重する.【副詞】He was duly respectful of his late uncle's wishes.亡くなったおじが願っていたことには十分に敬意を払っていたThe novel received highly respectful reviews.その小説は書評できわめて高い評判を得た.【+前置詞】The older genera
  • bride:    bride n. 花嫁, 新婦.【動詞+】announce the bride花嫁の入場を告げるattend a bride花嫁に付き添うHe carried his bride across the threshold.花嫁を抱えて玄関の敷居をまたいだchoose one's bride花嫁を選ぶWho is going to give away the bride?だれがこの花嫁を(花婿に


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