20th year 意味



  1. however , the policy of europeanization represented by rokumeikan and ' a foreigner judge ' system , which was included in the amendment of the treaty promoted by ito ' s sworn ally kaoru inoue , minister of foreign affairs (japan ), antagonized inside and outside japan , and criticism of the government was mounted rapidly due to the petition of three major affairs by democratic-rights movement , the movement to unite for a common purpose and the resignation of tateki tani , minister of agriculture and commerce , who was thought to be a member of conservative political party (direct rule by the emperor party ) ( [the crisis of the 20th year of the meiji era ]) .
    だが、伊藤の盟友である井上馨外務大臣 (日本)が進めた条約改正案にあった「外国人裁判官」制度と鹿鳴館に代表される欧化政策が内外の反感を買い、自由民権運動による三大事件建白書や大同団結運動、保守中正派(天皇親政派)と見られた谷干城農商務大臣の辞任を招くなど、政府批判が一気に高まった(「明治20年の危機」)。
  2. since the emperor keitai entered yamato not immediately after the enthronement but the 20th year later after moving from place to place such as kitakawachi or minami-yamashiro , there are two following theories: one that considers due to a power in yamato which didn ' t allow the enthronement of emperor keitai , the region was in the combat situation (theory by kojiro naoki ) and the other that , since keitai , the emperor of the maternal side , was a successor to the throne in the linage of the okinaga clan in omi , which daughters often married those in the great king family , there was no such change of dynasties as usurpation of imperial throne (theory by kunio hirano ).


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