a (mere) sprinkle of spectators 意味

  • (ほんの)わずかな観客
  • mere sprinkle of spectators:    わずかな観客{かんきゃく}
  • spectators:    spectators看客かんかく観衆かんしゅう
  • sprinkle:    1sprinkle n. 少量, 少し, 小雨.【形容詞 名詞+】a brief sprinkleつかの間の小雨a thin sprinkle of snowパラパラと降る雪.【+前置詞】A sprinkle of rain began to fall.パラパラと小雨が降りだしたa (mere) sprinkle of spectators(ほんの)わずかな観客Season with a sp


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