a bathing suit 意味

  • 海水着
  • bathing suit:    bathing suit海水着かいすいぎ水泳着すいえいぎ
  • bathing suit (men's):    bathing suit (men's)水泳パンツすいえいパンツ海水パンツかいすいパンツ
  • bathing suit (woman's):    bathing suit (woman's)水着みずぎ


  1. is it okay if we have a bathing suit model
    でも いいんですか 私達が水着のモデルなんて
  2. you could have asked me . i have a bathing suit you could borrow .
    どうして水着があるか 聞かないの?
  3. i'll keep you in a bathing suit
  4. in a bathing suit like normal
  5. what's a bathing suit ?


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