a blast 意味

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  • a blast
  • at a blast:    一吹きで
  • blast:    1blast n. 強いひと吹き; 一陣の風; 爆発, 爆風; 《米口語》 らんちきパーティー.【動詞+】blow a shrill blast on a whistle小笛を鋭くピリピリと吹くThe air conditioner blew a blast of cold air straight down the back of my neck.エアコンが私の首のうしろに冷風を吹きつけたH
  • blast it:    〈英俗〉くそったれ、いまいましい


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  1. balin , can you still mix a blast flame ? alright .
    バーリン まだ鋳型が作れたんだな?
  2. that thing in your right hand is a blast shield . perfect .
  3. even plants and animals sound like a blast to me now !
  4. so this is what a blast from the former king feels like ...
  5. it's a blast door . you're never gonna get it open .
    ドアは吹き飛んでて 開かなくなってるって


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