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  • a bowl

  • bowl:    1bowl n. (ローンボウリングなどの)木球, ボール; ローンボウリング.【動詞+】Drake was playing bowls when he heard of the approach of the Armada.スペイン無敵艦隊が近づいていると聞いたときドレークはローンボウリングをしていたBowls has been played in Britain since the 13t
  • bowl of:    《a ~》ボール[深皿{ふかざら}]1杯の
  • a bowl (of rice):    a bowl (of rice)一膳いちぜん


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  1. eating a bowl of krispity krunch , okay ?
    パンツだけで、コーンフレークを 食べながら家でやる。
  2. beth roney had a bowl just like this in her office yesterday .
  3. serve it in a bowl , and pour the sauce over it .
  4. we had a bowl of pretzels positioned off to the side .
  5. even if i were hungry , i would not drink a bowl of my
    お腹がすいていても 大好きなスープが


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