a carrion vulture 意味

  • 腐肉をあさるハゲワシ.
  • carrion vulture:    腐肉{ふにく}をあさるハゲワシ
  • carrion:    {名} : 死肉{しにく}、腐肉{ふにく}、汚物{おぶつ}、腐敗{ふはい}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} : 死肉{しにく}[腐肉{ふにく}]のような[を食べる] ------------------------------------------------
  • vulture:    vulture n. ハゲワシ; (人を食い物にするような)強欲冷酷な人.【+動詞】The vultures are beginning to gather.ハゲワシが(死骸などに)群がりはじめているIt is clear that she'll be out office soon, and the vultures are gathering (around her).彼女がじきに会社をひ


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