a chill 意味

  • a chill
  • chill:    1chill n. 寒け, かぜ, 悪寒; 寒さ, 冷たさ.【動詞+】This comment cast a chill over the company.この発言はその場にいた人たちをぞっとさせたcatch a chillかぜをひくA cup of hot soup dispelled the chill.熱いスープを 1 杯飲んだら寒けがとれたI have got a chill.かぜをひ
  • big chill:    大寒波{だい かんぱ}
  • biting chill:    身を切るような寒さ


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  1. to show that she was in danger of catching a chill
  2. in all shook up , a touch is not a touch , but a chill .
  3. and a chill was coming in off the ocean .
  4. guys , everyone needs to take a chill pill
    みんな まずは落ち着いて


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