a christmas truce 意味

  • クリスマス休戦
  • christmas truce:    クリスマス休戦{きゅうせん}
  • truce:    truce n. 停戦(協定).【動詞+】achieve a truce休戦(の合意)に達するThe UN has arranged a truce.国連が休戦を取りまとめたcall a truce停戦を命じるcall for a truce休戦を求めるconclude a truce with……と休戦協定を締結するcriticize a truce停戦を非難するdeclare a truc
  • at christmas:    クリスマスに


  1. there remains an unusual record in which hisahide commanded (or responded to ) a christmas truce for the first time in japan .


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