a current of air 意味

  • 空気の流れ, 気流
  • air current:    気動、気流{きりゅう}、空気{くうき}の流れ
  • current of air:    気流{きりゅう}、空気{くうき}の流れ


  1. those who returned from okage mairi spread the latest fashions (e .g ., the newest patterns of textile fabrics in kyoto and matsuzaka ), farming tools (e .g ., new varieties of crops were introduced , and winnowers to separate the chaff by means of a current of air created with a hand operated windmill was spread to replace winnowing baskets ), and music and performing arts (music and dance originating from ise dance were spread around the country ) across the country by actual products , word of mouth , and notes of a journey .


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