a flare 意味

  • a flare
  • flare:    1flare n. 炎; 閃光(せんこう)(装置); 照明弾; 激発; 〔服飾〕 フレア.【動詞+】drop a flare over an enemy position敵の陣地の上空に照明弾を投下するfire a flare照明弾を発射するlight a flare照明弾に火をつけるsend up a flare照明弾を打ちあげるWe set up flares to warn any ap
  • airplane flare:    airplane flare飛行機照明弾[基礎]
  • aqueous flare:    房水{ぼうすい}フレア


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  1. you have a flare gun . you have it to signal your people .
    照明弾がある 合図なんだろ
  2. i had to threaten them with a flare gun to hold them off .
    信号銃一丁で脅す しかなかった
  3. if shit hits , we fire a flare . one group gets the other .
    緊急時には照明弾で 相手に知らせる
  4. what was i supposed to do ... fire off a flare ?
  5. if i run into any trouble , i'll send up a flare .


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