a fly in the ointment 意味

発音を聞く:   a fly in the ointmentの例文
  • a [the] fly in the óintment
  • fly in the ointment:    fly in the ointment玉に疵玉に瑕たまにきず
  • only fly remaining to be removed from the ointment:    《the ~》唯一解決{ゆいいつ かいけつ}されずに残っている問題{もんだい}
  • ointment:    ointment n. 軟膏(なんこう).【動詞+】apply (an) ointment to……に軟膏を塗るrub an ointment on軟膏を塗りこむ.【形容詞 名詞+】boric (acid) ointment《英》 ホウ酸軟膏a healing ointment膏薬(a) skin ointment軟膏zinc ointment亜鉛軟膏.【前置詞+】It was a wonde


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