a foil 意味

  • a foil
  • foil:    1foil n. 箔(はく), ホイル; 引き立て役となるもの.【動詞+】The trees make an effective foil to the building.その木は建造物を効果的に引き立てている.【形容詞 名詞+】aluminum foilアルミ箔act as an excellent foil to……のすばらしい引き立て役となるgold foil金(など)箔He serve
  • act as a foil to:    ~の引き立て役を演じる
  • activation foil:    放射化箔{ほうしゃか はく}


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  1. now , not every dataset is behind a foil request .
  2. do you think this could have been cause by a foil ?
  3. or a foil request .
    実際 出所は情報公開法による請求でした
  4. the last person in charge of an administration tends to be undervalued in all ages and countries , and it is a pity that he could not help serving as a foil for the talented nobunaga and hideyoshi .
  5. in literary works including the kabuki and bunraku adaptation ' ashiya doman ouchi kagami ,' doman often appears as abe no seimei ' s rival having a magic showdown with him but he is invariably portrayed as a villain serving as a foil to seimei .


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