a furious current 意味

  • 激流
  • furious current:    激流{げきりゅう}
  • furious:    furious adj. 怒り狂う.【副詞】She wasn't just angry; she was absolutely furious.ただ怒っているだけじゃなかった, それこそ怒り狂っていたShe was absolutely furious with me.私をそれこそ怒鳴りつけたI was simply furious that I hadn't won the game.その試
  • furious at:    《be ~》~に怒り狂う、~に激怒する、~に腹を立てるYou are furious at her, aren't you?You've been furious at my saying this.I was really furious at what the lawyer said.


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