a general practitioner 意味

  • 一般開業医 《specialist に対し; 略 GP》
  • general practitioner:    一般開業医◆【略】GP
  • general practitioner unit:    一般開業医{いっぱん かいぎょうい}
  • practitioner:    practitioner n. (医者 弁護士などの)開業者.【形容詞 名詞+】a family practitionerかかりつけの開業医a general practitioner一般開業医 《specialist に対し; 略 GP》an illegal practitioner無資格の開業医a local practitioner of medicine地元の開業医a medical


  1. this conference is for pediatricians . you're a general practitioner .
    小児科の学会 あなたは開業医ですね
  2. the mitsukuri family had been engaged in medical practice since 貞辨 mitsukuri (joan the first ) started to work as a general practitioner in nishishinmachi .
  3. her resolution to become a general practitioner , however , was strong , and she seems to have planned to get certified under overseas institutions as the last ditch effort .


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