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  • a héll of a ...
    ((略式))[強意語として]《◆a helluva ...とも書く》
    (1) ひどい…,とても悪い… have a ~ of a time ひどい目に会う.
    (2) 抜群に…,とても《◆形容詞+名詞の前に置く》 a ~ of a good party すごくいいパーティー/ a ~ of a lot of money どえらい額のお金.
  • as as hell:    (as) ...as héll ((略式))[形容詞?副詞を強調して]非常に…(very)《◆形容詞はよい感じを与えないものが普通》(as) touchy [mean] as ~ とても神経質な[けちな].
  • as hell:    ひどく、ものすごく、大いに
  • by hell:    絶対(に)


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  1. it's a hell of a life you've made for yourself , lloyd .
  2. now , that is something i do know a hell of a lot about .
    .. 色々経験があってな
  3. i'm telling you , i'm doing a hell of a lot better broke .
  4. we're gonna need a hell of a lot more than your word .
    その言葉だけでは 全然足りない
  5. they'd think that we'd both been off on a hell of a toot !


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