a hundred nights 意味

  • a hundred nights
  • at nights:    at níghts 夜な夜な(~ after ~).
  • nights:    {副} : 毎夜{まいよ}、毎晩{まいばん}、夜ごとに--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】na'its
  • a hundred:    a hundred一束いっそくひとたば


  1. that he made time to spend more than a hundred nights in the theater
    戦時中の暗い日々でさえ 何百回も
  2. fukakusa no shosho is a character who appears in a legend about ono no komachi , ' coming-and-going in a hundred nights ,' which was created by noh authors such as zeami during the muromachi period .
  3. these are classified into the following three groups: the one which praises ono no komachi for her excellent waka poem; the one which deals with fukakusa no shosho ' s come-and-go in a hundred nights; the one which deals with ono no komachi who has become a beggar in her later years .


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