a lower court 意味

  • a lower court
  • lower court:    lower court下級審かきゅうしん
  • lower court decision:    一審判決{いっしん はんけつ}、下級裁判所{かきゅう さいばんしょ}の決定{けってい}
  • overturn a lower court ruling:    下級裁判所{かきゅう さいばんしょ}の判決{はんけつ}を覆す


  1. among hogi (gikan ) generally given a lower court rank in every department , that for hogi in onmyoryo , albeit on the low side , was set up higher compared to their counterparts belonging to the other departments .
  2. after that , all the heads of the sono family became gon dainagon except those who died young , and the sono family became the most noble of the urin family , although the sono family was originally a lower court noble with the highest rank of gon chunagon (provisional middle councilor ).


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