a mainstream audience 意味

  • 主流を占める観客
  • mainstream audience:    主流{しゅりゅう}を占める観客{かんきゃく}
  • mainstream:    mainstream n. 主流, 本流; (思潮 運動などの)主流, 主潮.【動詞+】join the mainstream of the antinuclear movement反核運動の主流に加わるBetty Friedan, head of the National Organization for Women, represented the mainstream of Americ
  • audience:    audience n.(1) 聴衆; 観客; 読者.【動詞+】address a large audience大聴衆に演説するThe audience was deeply affected.聴衆は深く感動したarouse an audience to passion聴衆を熱中させるThe audience was assembled in the school gymnasium.聴衆は学校


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