a major article 意味

  • 大きな重要性をもつ記事
  • major article:    大きな重要性{じゅうようせい}を持つ記事
  • article:    1article n.(1) 記事, 論文.【動詞+】Science has accepted the article.?サイエンス?誌はその論文を掲載することにしたThis week's Time carries an article on the poet Allen Ginsberg.今週の?タイム?誌は詩人アレン ギンズバーグの記事をのせているcensor an article記事の検
  • article on:    ~に関する論文{ろんぶん}


  1. in a major article published in 1978
  2. with a significant decline in crop prices in the 17th century europe , conflicts of interests disseminated between the social classes in poland , where crop was a major article of export , followed by rokosz on a larger scale .


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