a major operation 意味

  • 大きな手術
  • major operation:    大手術{だいしゅじゅつ}
  • a major:    A majorイ長調イちょうちょう
  • major:    1major n. 《米》 (大学の)主専攻科目; 主専攻学生; 〔陸軍 米海兵隊 米空軍〕 少佐; 〔音楽〕 長調.【動詞+】You ought to choose a major that will lead to a good job.将来よい職業につながるような主専攻科目を選びなさいThis three-year program will give you a major in art


  1. it's a major operation but no one was here .
    大掛かりな仕事だけど 誰一人残って居ない
  2. this is just a minor setback in a major operation .
    こんなの ささいなミスだ
  3. because the surgeon has performed a major operation
  4. we did a major operation for no reason .
  5. that's a major operation .


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