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  • A major
  • major:    1major n. 《米》 (大学の)主専攻科目; 主専攻学生; 〔陸軍 米海兵隊 米空軍〕 少佐; 〔音楽〕 長調.【動詞+】You ought to choose a major that will lead to a good job.将来よい職業につながるような主専攻科目を選びなさいThis three-year program will give you a major in art
  • major in:    ~を専攻{せんこう}するI majored in Chinese history at my university. 私は大学で中国史を専攻した。What do you major in? 専攻(科目)は何ですか?
  • (major) emphasis:    (major) emphasis力説りきせつ


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  1. it's a major topic of american criminal psychology .
  2. is that it turns out that a major input of nutrients
  3. getting taken over by a major hospital group
    大手病院グループが そういったところを買収するのは
  4. in the kamakura period , it became a major force .
  5. it's a major embarrassment , having an uncle in prison .
    おじが服役中 恥ずかしいわ


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