a measure 意味

  • a measure

  • (a) measure:    (a) measure約数やくすう
  • a measure of:    a méasure of O 多少の…,若干の…walk with a ~ of dignity 多少品位をもって[少しいばって]歩く/ feel a ~ of sympathy for him 彼にある程度同情する.
  • as a measure of:    ~の方法として、~の一つの指標として


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  1. yes . longitude is a measure of time east or west .
    経度は東西の距離を 時間単位で表し
  2. this was a measure taken in the northeast of the country .
  3. why ? bathing is a measure to prevent pathogens
    なぜって? 入浴は病原菌を防ぐ手だてで
  4. we used a measure of ecological diversity to get this .
  5. as a measure of economic performance at the national level


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