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  • a member
  • member:    member n. 会員, メンバー; 議員.【動詞+】address members of Congress国会議員に向かって演説するThey admit new members only once a year.新会員は年に 1 回だけ入会を許されるWho appoints the members of the board?その理事会のメンバーを任命するのはだれですかappoint a n
  • member of:    《be a ~》~の一員{いちいん}である、~に籍を置いている
  • accredited member:    正式会員{せいしき かいいん}


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  1. if i win , you will become a member of akatsuki .
    オレが勝ったら お前は暁に入ってもらう。
  2. because he is also paid and a member of the club .
    彼もまた使ってる クラブのメンバーで
  3. especially since he was a member of special branch .
  4. 1981: he becomes a member of the japan art academy .
  5. he became a member of tsuchida family as an adopted son .


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