a novel 意味

  • a novel
  • novel:    novel n. 小説.【動詞+】abandon a novel halfway through途中で小説を書くのをやめるabridge a novel for young readers小説を若い読者向きに要約するadapt a novel for the stage小説を劇用に改作するThe Government banned her novels.政府は彼女の小説を発売禁止にしたThe
  • abridge a novel:    小説{しょうせつ}を要約{ようやく}する
  • adventure novel:    冒険小説{ぼうけん しょうせつ}


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  1. for the words my fictional characters uttered in a novel .
  2. let's write a novel or produce a short film .
    小説を書いたり ショートフィルムを制作しましょう
  3. you're not writing a novel ? you told me you were . no .
  4. but this is more of a novel than it is a manga .
    まぁ 亜美ちゃんより可愛かったですけど
  5. i just thought a novel would be easier to sell .
    長編小説のほうが 売れると思うけど


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