a pedigree 意味

  • a pedigree
  • pedigree:    pedigree n. 系図; 家系, 血統, 立派な家柄; 血統表; 由来, 語源.【動詞+】This cat has a pedigree reaching back to Victorian days.この猫にはヴィクトリア時代にまでさかのぼる血統があるThese words have the same pedigree.これらの語の出所は同じだWe grow 20,000 plants
  • distinguished pedigree:    門閥{もんばつ}
  • family of pedigree:    旧家{きゅうか}、名門{めいもん}


  1. because i don't have a pedigree in visual art
    もちろん私には 視覚芸術のバックグラウンドもないですし
  2. it must be a purebreed cat with a pedigree certificate !
    きっと 血統書もついてる 高級な種類の猫だよ!
  3. with a pedigree like that , he would have the skills to design these sophisticated attacks .
    そのような血統なら 彼はスキルを持っているでしょう これらの高度な攻撃を設計した
  4. a kamon (family ) is usually a male group that has a pedigree record and history dating to a distant past and is clearly conscious of its bloodline .
  5. his family boasted a pedigree that taking sides with takauji ashikaga in the period of the northern and southern courts (japan ), the clan became a meritorious retainer for foundation of the muromachi bakufu , then was given the bizen province and the mimasaka province in addition to the harima province , and they became one of shishiki (four major feudal lords who worked for muromachi bakufu ).
    南北朝時代 (日本)では足利尊氏に与して室町幕府創業の功臣となり、播磨国の他に備前国、美作国を領し、幕府の四職のひとつとなっていた家柄である。


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