a poke 意味

  • a poke
  • poke:    1poke n. 突き, つつき; こづくこと; 《口語》 こぶしで殴ること.【動詞+】Give him a poke and wake him up.彼をつついて起こしてやりなさいI'll take a poke at him if he doesn't shut up.《口語》 黙らなければ彼を殴ってやろう.【形容詞 名詞+】He threw in an affectionate poke
  • to poke:    to poke小突くこづく突くつくつつく
  • old poke:    野暮天{やぼてん}


  1. although , i wouldn't know a nice flower from a poke in the eye .
    でも、目を突かれて いい花がわからないな。


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