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  • A pole
  • pole:    1pole n. 棒, さお, 柱, ポール.【動詞+】With the pole bent back, the vaulter thrusts up in an explosive motion.ポールをそり返らせてその棒高飛びの選手は瞬発的に宙に舞いあがるA vaulter grips the pole with both hands.棒高飛びの選手は両手でポールを握るplant a po
  • pole on:    póle ón O ((豪略式))〈人〉にたかる,〈人〉からくすねる.
  • the pole:    the pole極地圏きょくちけん


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  1. automatically balancing a pole using a cart .
    カートを使って ポールのバランスを取ろうとします
  2. we sort of assume that because there's a pole in the street
  3. garbage truck backed into a pole around the corner from you .
  4. there isn't even a pole at the pole . there's nothing there
  5. we just need something to jam it up with like a pole or something .
    何かないか... .


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