a political organization 意味

  • a political organization
  • political organization:    政治{せいじ}組織{そしき}[団体{だんたい}?結社{けっしゃ}]


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  1. the uji had a characteristic of being a political organization of the yamato regime .
  1. in july , as the constitutional progressive party was designated as a political organization , he dissolved omeisha .
  1. the dai nihon kyokai (society for greater japan ) was a political organization (october 1 - december 29 , 1893 ) that was formed in the meiji period with the aim of gathering together hard-liners on foreign nations .
  1. after having fled from tosa clan he acted as a royalist , exerting himself into establishing kameyama-shachu , later kaientai (a society of master less samurai ), a mixture of a trading company and a political organization , mediating collaboration between satsuma and choshu , and realizing taisei-hokan (the restoration of the imperial rule ).
    土佐藩脱藩後、貿易会社と政治組織を兼ねた亀山社中・海援隊 (浪士結社)の結成、薩長連合の斡旋、大政奉還の成立に尽力するなど、志士として活動した。
  1. on december 29 of the same year , when the house of representatives was dissolved in opposition of the proposal to rigorously enforce the treaties , the dai nihon kyokai was suddenly designated as a political organization to which the assembly and political association laws applied , and on the same day it was ordered to disband with the attacks on foreigners cited as the reason for the order .


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