a question 意味

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  • a question
  • in question:    問題{もんだい}になっている、疑わしいThe point in question is whether or not the company should purchase a new building site. 問題になっている点は、会社が新しい建設用地を購入すべきかどうかということだ。The screen name of the actor in question is Goro Yam
  • no question:    問題外{もんだいがい}
  • question:    1question n.(1) 疑問, 疑い; 問題; 論点; 議題.【動詞+】It admits no question.《文語》 それは疑いの余地がないapproach a question from a new angle新しい角度から問題に取りかかるargue out a question問題を徹底的に論議するarouse a question in one's mind心に疑問を起こ


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  1. it started with a question by the mayor of the city
  2. can i ask you a question hypothetically ? it's a bit odd .
  3. here is a question to the men from the venue again
    ここで 再び 会場の男性陣に質問です
  4. who is in charge of this ? i asked you people a question !
  5. i was just asking a question . i wasn't implying anything .


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