a rosary 意味

  • a rosary
  • rosary:    rosary n. ロザリオ, じゅず; ロザリオの祈り.【動詞+】carry a rosaryじゅずをもっているsay the rosary(ロザリオの)祈りを唱える.【形容詞 名詞+】a Buddhist rosary仏教のじゅず.【前置詞+】finger the beads of one's rosaryじゅずをつまぐるthe beads on a rosaryじゅず玉.【+前置詞】wi
  • (buddhist) rosary:    (Buddhist) rosary数珠じゅず
  • beads on a rosary:    じゅず玉


  1. the thing riko wants you to steal is a rosary .
    盗んできて欲しいのはね ロザリオなの
  2. it's kind of like a rosary , but different .
  3. (he has five-prong pestles on his right hand and a rosary in his left hand .)
  4. it has been told that masamune might have embraced the christianity himself since there was a rosary among his relics .
  5. this is regarded as the supreme secret ceremony of the shingon sect , and religious articles (法具 ) such as a rosary , five-pronged pestles , a stole and others , which are used in ascetic training , were brought by kukai (kobo-daishi ) from tang (china ).


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