a rout 意味

  • a rout
  • by rout:    機械的な手順によって、機械的に、(機械的)まる暗記で、記憶によって、そらで
  • rout:    1rout n. 敗走, 大敗北.【形容詞 名詞+】suffer a complete rout完敗するThe game was a complete rout.試合は完敗だったsuffer a devastating rout壊滅的な敗走をするan utter routまったくの敗北, 完敗.【前置詞+】put the enemy to rout敵を敗走させるThe defeat turne
  • to rout:    to rout追い散らすおいちらす


  1. if yoshifuji had suffered a rout , there must have been traces of the battle in tojo-jo castle which must have been attacked .
  2. but then he switched to takauji ashikaga ' s side in the battle of hakone and takenoshita , which contributed to a rout of yoshisada nitta .
  3. on january 22 , 938 , yoshikane bought off hasetsukabe no koharumaru who was a crier serving masakado , to get inside information about the camp in iwai city and made a night attack , but he was anticipated and was counterattacked into a rout .


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