a serial publication 意味

  • 定期刊行物
  • serial publication:    逐次刊行物{ちくじ かんこうぶつ}、定期刊行物{ていき かんこうぶつ}
  • serial:    serial n. 続き物.【+動詞】The serial went on for several months.その続き物は数か月続いたHow long do these TV serials last?こういったテレビの連続物はどのくらい続くものですかa serial running in The Times?タイムズ?紙に掲載中の続き物.【形容詞 名詞+】a magazine seria
  • serial...:    serial...直列[電情]


  1. in february 1904 , he launched a serial publication called " nichiro senso jikki " (the real record of russo-japanese war ) as soon as the war broke out , arguing the idea of ' somoku kaihei ' (suspicion will raise bogies ), and he made efforts to promote patriotism .
  2. due to reverberations from a serial publication in the ' sankei shimbun ' titled ' history that the textbooks don ' t teach ,' a creative group composed of the authors that was called the ' tsukuru kai ' was established to write a new history textbook .


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