a slippery slope 意味

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  • すべりやすい斜面
  • slippery slope:    滑りやすい坂道、危険な先行き
  • slippery slope scenarios:    滑りやすい坂の展開{てんかい}
  • slippery:    slipperyぬらぬら滑り易いすべりやすいぬるぬるつるつる捉え所の無い捉え所のない捕らえ所の無い捕らえ所のないとらえどころのない


  1. drugs are a slippery slope , in case you didn't know that .
    知らんのか? ヤクは重罪に走りがちだ
  2. 'cause that's a slippery slope indeed .
    足元がしっかりしてる 状態じゃないからね
  3. belief is a slippery slope .
  4. it's a slippery slope .
  5. it's a slippery slope . think of what i can do with this money . i can hire back the people i let go .


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