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  • a són of a bítch
    (複son(s) of bitches)《◆sumbitchともつづる》((主に米?豪俗))
    (1) 野郎,やつ(((略式))bastard).
    (2) [S~ of a bitch!;怒り?驚きを表して] ちくしょう,くそ,なに.
    (3) ((呼びかけ))お前《◆親しい者同士の呼びかけに用いる; 軽蔑(べつ)的な含みはない》 You ~ of a bitch! おい,ようお前. ◇[語法] (1) sonofabitchとも書く. (2) SOBともいう. (3) 遠回しに,a son of a gun, a son of a so-and-soなどという.
  • son of a bitch:    {名-1} : 〈俗〉おまえ、野郎{やろう}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 〈俗〉最低男、嫌{いや}なやつ、ろくでなし、いまいましい仕事◆【略】SOB ; S.O.B◆汚い言葉 -------------------------------------
  • son-of-a-bitch:    son-of-a-bitch畜生めちくしょうめ
  • mean-ass-son-of-a-bitch:    {形} : 〈卑〉あくどい


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  1. he was a son of a bitch , but he didn't deserve this .
    俺は憎んでた でも、間違ってた
  2. i'll be a son of a bitch . you don't smoke , you bastard .
  3. it's gonna hurt like a son of a bitch , but you're gonna be okay .
  4. thumped like a son of a bitch .
  5. quite frankly , this reads like a son of a bitch that's afraid to die alone .


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