a span 意味

  • a span
  • in a span of:    ~に及ぶ
  • span:    1span n. 期間; 短時間; 持続時間; 全長; 範囲; 〔建築〕 スパン, 橋脚間の距離.【動詞+】His life had almost completed its span.彼の寿命はほぼ尽きていたat an age considerably exceeding the span fixed by the Psalmist詩編の作者が定めた寿命(70 歳)をだいぶ過ぎた年齢でThe
  • span of:    ~の長さ


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  1. and very quickly in a span of three weeks
    すばやく行動して-- ほんの3週間で
  2. can have a span of about three or four objects of attention .
  3. it was only for a span of two hours .
  4. your life is just a span in time .
    " 貴方の命は 時間の巾に過ぎない "
  5. has a span of about six to seven objects of attention
    アクション・ゲームプレーヤーは 注意を 6つ7つに向けられます


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