a such as b 意味

  • A(,) sùch as B
    BのようなA, AたとえばB《◆Bは2個以上の名詞を列挙することもある;Bにthis,theseを用いるのは((正式))》

    They export a lot of fruit, ~ as oranges and lemons.

    I wouldn't give it to a man ~ as he [him].
    = I wouldn't give it t+もっと...

    Many questions ~ as how the guests were to be seated remained unanswered.

    “There are more important things for you to know.”“S~ as?”()「あなたが知らなければならないもっと大切なことがありますよ」「たとえば?」

  • a and b:    A and B甲と乙こうとおつ甲乙こうおつ
  • a if not b:    B さもなくば A
  • a/b:    A/Bアフターバーナ[航宇]


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