a virtue 意味

  • a virtue
  • by virtue of:    ~のおかげで、~の理由{りゆう}で、~に基づいてBy virtue of her age, she was allowed to board the plane before anyone else. 彼女は年齢のおかげで、ほかの誰よりも先に飛行機に乗ることができた。
  • in virtue of:    =
  • virtue:    virtue n. 徳; 善行; 《文語》 貞操; 美点; 価値; 効力.【動詞+】Patience is a virtue I profoundly admire.忍耐は私が高く評価する美徳であるcorrupt virtue道徳心を堕落させるcultivate (a) virtue徳を修めるIt embodies the traditional virtues of….それは…という伝統的な


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  1. reservation is a virtue of the japanese people , but
    遠慮は 日本人の美徳ではありますが
  2. a touch of mercy is a virtue , your grace . too much
    慈悲は美徳ですが 陛下―
  3. that can be a virtue when it drives us to excel .
  4. that can be a virtue when it drives us to excel .
  5. and that is a virtue . it's not a sin .
    これは長所よ 罪じゃないわ


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