a whole lot 意味

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  • a whóle lót
    [比較級を強めて] ずっと,はるかに《◆a lotの強調形》.
  • a whole lot of:    a whóle lót of ((略式))たくさんの.
  • the whole lot:    the (whóle) lót Click...
  • whole lot:    {1} : 《a ~》全部{ぜんぶ}、一切合切{いっさいがっさい}、片っ端から{かたっぱしから}There's [There is] not a whole lot I can do. 私にできることはほとんどないThere is not a whole lot I can do when a hurricane hits. I just find a safe place to hide.


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  1. yeah , well , you wouldn't be laughing a whole lot
  2. there's a whole lot of adjustments that are required .
  3. to type in a whole lot of things , and to learn
  4. now , visual thinking gave me a whole lot of insight
    私の視覚型思考は 動物の気持ちを
  5. this just doesn't make a whole lot of sense . i mean , look .


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