abdicate the throne 意味

  • (王が)退位する、王位を捨てる、譲位する◆【用法】abdicate (from) the crown [throne]のパターンになり、from は省略可能
  • abdicate a throne for health reasons:    健康上{けんこうじょう}の理由{りゆう}で退位{たいい}する、健康上{けんこうじょう}の理由{りゆう}で王位{おうい}を捨てる、健康上{けんこうじょう}の理由{りゆう}で王位{おうい}を譲る
  • abdicate from the throne:    (王が)退位する、王位を捨てる、譲位する◆【用法】abdicate (from) the crown [throne]のパターンになり、from は省略可能
  • abdicate:    abdicate v. 退位する, 捨てる.【副詞1】The King abdicated voluntarily.王は自ら退位したabdicate willingly進んで退位する.【+前置詞】The Queen abdicated in favor of her son.女王は退位して息子に王位を譲った.


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  1. emperor suzaku took this opportunity to abdicate the throne .
  2. however , emperor hanayama was forced to abdicate the throne due to sekkan-ke who opposed such reform .
  3. although the emperor desired to abdicate the throne , it was not realized because of the economic condition of nobunaga
  4. furthermore , after the battle of sekigahara , ieyasu demanded that emperor goyozei , who had been pro-toyotomi , should abdicate the throne .
  5. soon after the great military parade in kyoto in 1581 , the wish to abdicate the throne was conveyed to nobunaga from emperor ogimachi .


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