abdominal aorta 意味

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  1. I'll do the abdominal aorta replacement surgery
    それで? レトロアプローチで?
  2. The knife severed the abdominal aorta .
    刺し傷ね ナイフが腹部大動脈を切断した
  3. So whoever killed haley knew exactly where to find her abdominal aorta .
    正確に 腹部大動脈の位置を知ってた 外科手術と呼んでもいいくらい
  4. Diagnosed with ruptured abdominal aorta aenurysm , and had been performed emergency surgery .
    腹部大動脈瘤と診断し 緊急手術を施行しました
  5. At the hotel , the victim's abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava ... that's like the kidney's inandout for blood ... were entirely removed .
    ホテルの犠牲者の 腹大動脈と下大静脈は― 一緒に切除されてる
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