abide by a cease-fire 意味

  • 停戦{ていせん}を守る
  • abide by the cease-fire resolution:    停戦決議{ていせん けつぎ}を守る
  • cease fire:    Cease fire撃ち方止めうちかたやめ
  • cease-fire:    cease-fire n. 停戦, 休戦.【動詞+】announce a cease-fire停戦を布告するWhich side broke the cease-fire first?どちら側が最初に停戦を破ったのかconclude a cease-fire停戦を結ぶdeclare a cease-fire停戦を宣言するhonor a cease-fire停戦を順守するnegotiate a


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